What is the Golden Egg Collection?

Introducing The AJ Chic Golden Egg Collection!

Wear Your Inspiration

We recently launched our Golden Egg Collection!  This collection is all Inspirational Jewelry and Clothes (coming soon!)

This line was inspired by Alla’s Journey with Infertility and pregnancy loss. If you already don’t know, for the past 5 years she has been doing everything in her power to have another baby. About 3 years ago,  she started writing a Blog about her journey called “Finding My Golden Egg”. Since day 1 of her journey, Alla has been wearing inspiration with many meaningful pieces. She posted pics of herself wearing inspirational messages and pushing through even though the odds were against her. Positivity is contagious y’all! 

Although this collection was inspired by Alla’s journey through infertility, this collection may have a completely different meaning to each and every one of you and the journey that life may take you. 


This Collection is about wearing your inspiration. Jodye always has a saying, “Put it out into the universe.” The energy and vibes we project impacts the way we feel and it reflects on other people around us. So, why not choose good vibes? That’s what we choose to do! 


Wear your inspiration ladies! This collection is embellished with our very favorite positive phrases for when you might need a nudge in a positive direction. 

We are super excited about this collection and hope you are too. 

“Positivity is Contagious. Change your thoughts and you change your world!”