This is Us

Welcome to AJ Chic Boutique!

It's the brainchild of Alla Friedman and her in-laws, Jodye and Jonny Friedman, featuring trendy clothing, jewelry and accessories designed for hip, savvy and confident women of any age.

They created Chic Boutique to celebrate the many faces of fashion and fashion forward women. From boho to vintage, from glam to hippy, classic and groovy, Alla and Jodye have created THE boutique offering unique finds from around the globe.

Individually handcrafted items are the cornerstone of AJ Chic Boutique. Fringes, cut natural stones, hand strung beads and feathers, and tie dyed fabrics are just some of the features that feed the passion of Alla and Jodye and their customers.

Customer service is an important aspect of AJ Chic Boutique, making sure that each and every person who shops with Chic Boutique is treated with care, knowledge and respect. Quick turn around and accessibility are key qualities that are incorporated into every interaction.

With a lifetime of experience, working in wholesale and retail sales and marketing, banking, and non-profit administration, Alla, Jodye, and Jonny were waiting for just the right moment to launch their passion. AJ Chic Boutique combines Alla’s love and knowledge of fashion, Jodye’s design savvy, along with Jonny’s business skills. 

It's a Small World . . isn't it?